Yin AKA Davis Jefferson and image are (c) to Chaltab.

Real Name Davis Jefferson

Known Aliases None

First Episode/DC Appearance None; original character.

First Story Appearance Colors by Chaltab (Not a Legendverse story)

Weapons Anything he can throw or use.

Powers Ability to stretch and resist electricity, in the vein of Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man. Can use his body as a sling shot for any projectile-worthy items.

Current Status Active.


In the universe where Savior met Ragnarok, a second new Titan joined shortly after Ragnarok did, though he was only a part-timer at first--Davis was born to an odd couple. His father was a Navajo, his mother from Calcutta. They had both become involved in an experimental research facility designed to help the government create its own metahumans. Their positions and involvement in the projects are largely vague to Davis, but he knows they had been administered an experimental drug that was supposed to make them super human.

Unfortunately, Davis' father inadvertently impregnated his mother during this phase, and the child conceived inherited the mutations the drug was supposed to cause.

Somehow, they were able to conceal the child's abilities and have him adopted by a friend of the family. Davis grew up learning how and where to use his powers, and eventually began to study martial arts. Trigon's attack on Earth accelerated his compulsion to become a superhero. But on his first night he was nearly killed attempting to foil a robbery, and was taken in by the Titans, temporarily at first, but later permanently after his adoptive parents' divorce.

A future version of Yin, now an adult and married to Raven, appeared alongside Ragnarok during the reality muckery of Crisis Point. Yin had an especially hard time during that battle because much of the action took place in the North Pole, where Yin's powers were more hindrance than help.

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