Image courtesy of DC Comics.

Real NameEdit

Mark Mardon

Known AliasesEdit


First DC AppearanceEdit

Flash v.1 #110 (December 1959-January 1960)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Wings of the Eagles


'Weather Wand', which grants Mardon the ability of 'atmokinesis', the ability to mentally affect and control the weather (summoning wind, rain, lightning, snow, tornadoes, and the like).


None, all powers are derived from his wand.

Current StatusEdit



Mark Mardon was already a convicted criminal on his way to prison when he escaped and fled to his brother Clyde's house. In the terrible coincidences common in comics, Clyde was a scientist who had just finished discovering a way to control the weather, building the tech into a 'weather wand'. After threatening to turn Mark in, the two brothers fought, and Mark may or may not have killed his brother for his technology (Mardon insists Clyde died of a heart attack during the fight, and there was no apparent evidence linking Mardon to the murder, but in recent years it had been hinted that Mardon indeed murdered his brother, with Mardon even admitting it to another Flash Rogue, Captain Cold). In any case, with his brother dead Mardon took his notes and the prototype wand and embarked on a criminal career as the Weather Wizard, battling the Flash (Barry Allen and Wally West) and always losing. The rebirth of his feud with the Flash is almost tragic, as Mardon, as well as several other rogues, went into semi-retirement after the death of Allen, only to be tricked, along with other Rogues, by the villain Abra Cadabra into being sacrificed to bring the demon Neron to Earth (in the mid 90's DC Event Comic Underworld Unleashed). Shortly afterward, Neron revived the Weather Wizard and his fellow sacrificed Rogues as soulless demonic killers in a complicated plot to force a deal with the Flash (he wanted to steal the love between him and his wife, which would remove the Flash's anchor to reality and open the door to incredible power), but the deal backfired and Neron was forced to retreat, leaving the Rogues alive and besouled once more. Considering what Wally did for him, the fact that Mardon immediately returned to crime speaks volumes of his character, or lack thereof.

Mardon was up to his old tricks when he battled the Titans, attempting to steal the money from some armored trucks he had diverted into Jump City via a mudslide. While he was able to give the Titans the runaround for a bit, in the end he was defeated and jailed, faring no better against non-speedsters then he did against the Flash. He was also seen tending bar in the comedy story Villain Cafe, which suggests that as a bad guy, he makes a good bartender.

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