Name: RESTRICTED Alias: Jonathon Redley

Location: Planet Earth Account: Ultra Sonic 007

Recommended Stories: "Hand in Hand"

Planned Stories: "The Legend Episodes" (Title may change)

Website Contribution: Random Code Contributor Guy

Biography: Greetings. I am a writer who found the Legendverse in 2005. Since then, I wrote one Legendverse story called Hand in Hand. In it, I unintentionally explained how the Legendverse came to bonus points for me. :3

I'm a humor kind of person...and in case none of you have figured it out by now, my favorite Titan is Gauntlet. Hands down. BobCat has actually called me his friend! Guess that's what I get for portraying him positively in Hand in Hand. MORE BONUS POINTS. :3

I actually write other stories aside from Teen Titans. A seuqel to FFX-2 the game, a revision of the second season of the Digimon anime, a Naruto story that branches off after chapter 238...stuff like that. But alas, that's not Titans stuff, so I can't go in-depth about it here. Still...go read my work.

My only character contribution is Oblivion. He's to Hand in Hand what the Lord was to Black and white, AKA the big bad guy who MUST BE BEATEN. Except Oblivion's powers allowed for situations like a pirate vs. ninja battle. So MORE BONUS POINTS JUST BECAUSE OF THAT. :3

For some reason, people say I and Legend Maker are a couple. *glares at Zia* I do not know how Prisionero feels. Although Zia does think I could teach Legend Maker a thing or two about humor...since we all know girls aren't funny. Especially during their periods...speaking of periods, it's time I leave. Toodles! *runs from the angry females of the Legends Team* IT WAS JUST A JOKE!

(Unfortunately for Ultra Sonic 007, he fell into a pit of boiling tar. That was the end of him.)