Timmy Turner is (c) to Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman.

Real NameEdit

Timothy Turner

Known AliasesEdit

Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder, the Masked Magician, among others.

First DC/Episode AppearanceEdit

None; owned by Nickelodeon and Butch Hartman.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Danny's Inferno


Fairy God Parents, and whatever they can conjure up.


Timmy is in custody of two magical Fairy God Parents, Cosmo and Wanda, who can alter the fabric of reality at Timmy's wish. The limits of this are the rules of the fairies, which don't permit...a lot, actually. And the fact that Timmy has the IQ equivalent of his shoe size.

Current StatusEdit



Ten year old Timmy Turner had a crappy life; overworking, neglectful, and overall just stupid parents, who frequently placed him into the care of the overly sadistic local babysitter Vicky; unpopularity at school; and a pink outfit that just makes you wonder...oh, right, it's a Nick cartoon.

So, he was granted two Fairy God Parents, the married couple Cosmo (the dumb one...correction, the beyond the confines of reality dumb one) and Wanda (the smart one...sometimes). With the directive to use them to make his life happier, Timmy set out to make very big, and very troublesome, wishes.

The formula of his wishes goes as follows:

1) Timmy has something happen to him that is either bad or annoying (no money, wants desert for every meal, etc).

2) Timmy, with his God Parents, makes a wish to alleviate said problem.

3) Said wish causes more problems than before to arise.

4) Timmy attempts to rectify wish - however, doing so is in some way in violation of the rules.

5) Timmy does something to find a way around this, and sets the world right.

6) Timmy goes on with his life, until the next day, when something more stupid happens.

(In-between step)- Cosmo does something stupid, and funniness ensues...if you're under 12.

However, Timmy will only have Cosmo and Wanda until he reaches adulthood; afterward, he forgets ever having them, and goes on with life. There are other ways to lose God parents, however - frequently, Timmy's disregard for the rules have threatened him with having Cosmo and Wanda reassigned or taken away. Thus far, this hasn't been permanent.