Real NameEdit

Rose Wilson

Known AliasesEdit

Deathstroke's Daughter

First DC AppearanceEdit

Deathstroke #15 (1992)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Boogeymen III: House of 1000 Cliches


A wide assortment of firearms and bladed weapons.


Possesses all of Slade’s advantages when on a diluted form of the serum that imbued Slade with his own powers. Born with the ability to see visions of the immediate future, a skill that allows her a fighting proficiency years ahead of her level of training.

Current StatusEdit



Born from a tryst between Slade Wilson and oriental princess Lillian Worth, Rose was destined for great and terrible things — until Slade turned her over to an earlier incarnation of the Titans in order to keep her safe from his life and from the circumstances that had taken his older son’s mind and his younger son’s voice.

In the DC Universe, Rose would join Roy Harper’s team of Teen Titans alongside Impulse, until finally entering into a foster home and retiring from the hero community. Unfortunately, Slade, corrupted by a taint of darkness on his son Jericho, would hire his half brother Wade to murder this family and take Rose as his apprentice.

Rose eventually broke free and joined the Teen Titans — in the DCU.

In Legendverse, The specifics of Rose’s origin are by necessity different. Jericho, being the youngest child and never having died in this world, could not have corrupted Slade to the point he is corrupted in the comics. But these details of Rose’s past haven’t been made known yet. In Legendverse, Rose appears alongside her father in the third outing of the Boogeymen, transformed into a Bimbo stereotype by the magic of Freddy Krueger. Whether she’ll survive the carnage and her father’s growing wrath remains to be seen, as does her future status—friend or foe—with the Teen Titans