Real NameEdit


Known AliasesEdit


First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Hasn't Appeared Yet


Blacktrinian glaive and knife.


Alien species known as the Blacktrinians: species was raised on planet with heavy gravity and society bent towards war. Hence by biology, Testrax has superstrength, though this strength comes from his species’ immense density, the result being that Blacktrinians are very prone to drowning and hence fear water. Blacktrinian biology gives Testrax a natural resistance to bladed weapons (in a way that you can slice him to ribbons and he will survive, not in a way that blades will bounce off him) and a blood that acts similar to napalm, being somewhat corrosive and highly flammable. Weakness besides drowning are bullets, which Blacktrinians, having spent eons fighting in close-range combat, are vulnerable to, to a great degree.

Current StatusEdit



Another evil clone. You know how that usually goes…

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