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Earth approximation: Kory Anders

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DC Comics Presents #26

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Black and White




Natural ability of fly, heightened strength. Tamaranians can naturally absorb solar energy and project it as destruction force beams from their hands and occasionally their eyes: due to being experimented on by aliens Starfire can do this much faster and with greater power and range then an average Tamaranian. Trained to be a warrior. Highly emotional by nature, Starfire is naturally kind and sweet, but quick to anger and fierce in battle.

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Starfire, aka Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, also suffered in her early years, as she was taken from her home planet in a peace pact and sold into humiliating slavery (the exact nature of said slavery has never been revealed, and perhaps Starfire prefers it that way), during which the alien Psions experimented on both her and (unknown to Starfire), her sister Blackfire. Starfire eventually escaped and fled to Earth, landing in Jump City where she was fortunate to meet the fledgling, not yet named Titans (at the time Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Robin). She has never left the group since, and has become the heart and soul of the team. There were obvious sparks from the beginning between her and Robin, sparks which did not take long to ignite in roaring flame, as Tamaranians are passionate in all emotional areas, including love. Such love has not been without tragedy though: Starfire became pregnant and then lost the baby due to the vicious tactics of Rebecca Styles, the Blacktrinian elite warrior known as the White Hole (and was later told that due to the incompatible genetic codes of humans and Tamaranians, her body would have eventually rejected and lost the baby anyway). Starfire, much like Robin, has pressed on despite such things, and greets each new day with a smile. Be warned though: test that smile and it will swiftly become fangs...

Legend Maker's Note: Jedi-And drew Starfire after extensive training caused her to bulk up some. Late night meetings with Barry Bonds have yet to be confirmed...