Name: John G.

Location: U.S.A. Account: Slothsoul

Recommended Stories: "Via Negativa", "Children of a Lesser God" ... "Unseen Attractions" XD

Planned Stories: "Fruits of an Author's Get-together", possible sequel to Via Negativa

Website Contribution: Fanfiction, icons, chibis, profiles.

Biography: The everlasting punchline of the Legends Team, Prisionero always seems to speak what's on his mind without giving it much thought, nor caring about the consequences afterwards. Aside from Blunt, Prisionero always seems to be relaxed, goofy and without any worry in mind. This often leads to LM's many attempts to find a way to disturb him greatly, and while she stumbled upon some that did the trick, Pris quickly adapted and moved on, much to her annoyance. Pris enjoys joining up with Zia and annoying LM endlessly, which they've both proved to be very good at together. One of said annoyances was Unseen Attractions, which could very well be his greatest accomplishment. LM also happens to be his girlfriend. They are expecting a girl (XD). And yes, that last part was a joke.

His titan is Metatron, who is a contrast to the hero world because even through his powers, Metatron reacts to dangerous situations like a normal person would. Meaning he actually reacts like a sane human being, something rare. Whether this quirk of his will be worked out once he hardens to the 'job' like Savior did remains to be seen.