Ragnarok AKA Collin Roberts and image are (c) to Chaltab.

Real Name Collin Roberts

Known Aliases None

First Episode/DC Appearance None; original character.

First Story Appearance Legacy of the Tamaranian by Chaltab (Not a Legendverse Story)


Possesses Tamaranian armor that controls earth and rock. Can be upgraded with powerful techno-magic artifacts, but these are scarcely used due to their volatile nature.


No natural powers.

Current StatusEdit



Savior encountered this youth known as Ragnarok in an accidental trip to another universe. From the data he was able to obtain, it seems that Collin was born in a universe that was neither Savior's, nor the one that he was currently in. (Ragnarok has dubbed his home world Earth-318 and his adopted world Earth-321.) On his fifteenth birthday, he received a Tamaranian armor (apparently a gift from his grandfather) that allowed him fine but relatively weak manipulation of earth and rock. Unable to control his powers and his flashing transformation into his armor, he fled home and eventually joined the Teen Titans.

To his dismay, he was soon attacked by an evil version of himself from another universe, calling himself Delirium. Delirium killed all the Titans in battle except for Beast Boy, and then turned to kill Ragnarök. However, Collin fled the battle despite having an opportunity to end it, and arrived on Earth-321, trying to bury the past by making amends as a hero in this world.

His Legendverse appearance begins in the middle of Crisis Point, when time muckery causes the future of his universe to bleed into the future of the Legendverse. The Ragnarok we see there is an adult, more capable and confident and willing to use his armor to its full potential.