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Real NameEdit

Richard John "Dick" Grayson

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First DC AppearanceEdit

Tales of the New Teen Titans #44 (July 1984)

First Story AppearanceEdit

We All Fall Down


Various Nightwing-themed versions of Batman's arsenal, including 'Nightarangs', grapple guns, etc. Also uses a pair of escrima sticks.


No special powers. Has trained his body to the peak of human strength and agility. An exceptional acrobat, and also posseses finly honed detective skills, all though these do not come as naturally as they do to Tim Drake. Skilled in several forms of martial arts.

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Dick Grayson grew up in the circus. His parents, John and Mary, were acrobats and trapeze artists, and were training their young son in their profession. Unfortunately, Haly's circus had refused to pay protection money to a local mob boss named Tony Zucco, and the mob retaliated in kind. Zucco sabotaged the trapeze equipment one night when Bruce Wayne was visiting the circus, and John and Mary fell to their deaths, leaving young Dick an orphan. Bruce took Dick in as his ward and trained him to be the first Robin.

Robin had a sucessful carreer of several years with Batman, eventually becoming a leader in his own right of the first group to be called the Teen Titans, consisting of himself, Wally West, Roy Harper, Donna Troy, and Garth, the original Aqualad (Now Tempest)...

Unfortunately, disagreements between Bruce and Dick eventually made it impossible for the two to get along. Dick left Wayne Manor and established his own identity as Nightwing, eventually moving to the city of Bludhaven and setting up shop there. Nightwing has not been a strong presence in Legendsverse, only apparing in the non-canon stories We All Fall Down where he watched the Titans Tower and led a group of honorary Titans in defense of Jump City while the Titans were on their supposed vacation, and in "Via Negativa," where he led all the heroes who'd ever called themselves Titans in an attack against Dr. Light.

It has been rumored that Nightwing was also involved in the battle known as The Last Wish, but this is unconfirmed at the moment.