Real NameEdit


Known AliasesEdit


First DC/Episode AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Black and White (unnamed)/The Epic of Gauntlet (named)




Being a sludge monster, Mortimer possess all powers intrinsic to such creatures. He can fire off portions of his body, can heal almost any injury, and has strength generally proportional to his amorphous mass. Apparently has the ability to detect new Titan recruits.

Current StatusEdit

Waiting for a new Titan to appear.


Though his origin is unknown, Mortimer mysteriously appears every time a new Titan recruit begins to join the team, starting with Savior. He appeared during Savior's initiation, before he was named, and Mortimer seemed unstoppable. Savior used his mastery of comic book physics to ignite the monster with a large gasoline tanker.

Mortimer returned when Robert joined, acting as a feint while Slade carried out his plans. He was again defeated (this time with a fire started by a fire extinguisher... don't question the logic, it's a waste of time), but not before Gauntlet gave him the name "Mortimer".

Next, Nigel joined the team, but Mortimer waited to attack until after his initiation. It's unknown if it was another ploy by Slade or if Mortimer acted on his own.

Mortimer has even appeared in at least one fan story, "Gods’ Playground" by Jonque.

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