Real NameEdit

Ekard Mit, Nosyarg Kcid

Known AliasesEdit

Larry for short

First Episode AppearanceEdit

Series Episode "Fractured"

First Story AppearanceEdit

Hand in Hand




A magic finger that has the power to manipulate reality.

Current StatusEdit



Larry the Titan existed in the Dimension Four and Nine-eights, where he constantly bent the rules of reality so that he could watch is DNA duplicate, Robin, in his adventures fighting crime. Ekard Mit first came to the Titans reality shortly after Robin broke his arm while pursuing Johnny Rancid, where, among other things, he turned Savior's Shimmer into licorice, causing it to be eaten by Starfire. Later, in a scuffle with Robin, Larry accidentally broke both his finger and reality simultaneously, changing Jump City into a child-like coloring book fantasy. Unfortunately, Johnny Rancid was able to harness this reality-warping energy, becoming Uberjohnny. Thankfully, with Larry's help, Robin was able to defeat Johnny Rancid and restore reality to its normal state.

Mit didn't show up again until a year later, when he burst from the chest of a Slade Robot and offered to help split the magically conjoined hands of Savior and Gauntlet. Raven, however, warned against it. Her warnings, however, went unheeded by Slade, who, through his intervention, used a combination of Larry's powers, Raven's magic, and the Gauntlet, to accelerate Savior and Gauntlet's fusion into a super being known as Oblivion, a being which would nearly tear apart reality and, in the end, undo the Crisis on Infinite Earths, granting each alternate timeline of the DC-LM universe its own seperate universe.