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None; original character.

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The Epic of Gauntlet




Skilled in the forbidden art of Kami no Bacchi (“Punishment of the Gods”), Kurai is a warrior of incredible power—the ability unlocks his chi, which he can use to move at super human speeds, enhance his physical attacks, and fire beams from his hands.

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Kurai, mysterious practitioner of a secret art, is a Japanese youth that has been a rival of Robert “Gauntlet” Candide since childhood—even before Rob got the Gauntlet. After an incident (or two) in their youth, Kurai developed a passionate hatred for Gauntlet rivaled only by his passionate loyalty to his master Slade Wilson.

Kurai lacks any form of subtlety and possesses sensibilities foreign to most modern humanity. Kurai is obsessed with honor, a by product of his Japanese raising. His lack of subtlety, while often attributed to this upbringing, is likely the result of something else entirely. Perhaps insanity.

Unfortunately the Bacchi technique that gives him his powers is also slowly killing Kurai. His time was recently extended by the Japanese Thunder God Raiden, but the condition continues to progress, and Kurai continues to serve Slade in hope of a cure.

That is, when he’s not getting beat up by kindergarteners.