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Real NameEdit

Either Kitten Walker or Kitten Van Cleer (see Killer Moth)

Known AliasesEdit


First Episode AppearanceEdit

Date With Destiny (Series Episode #19)

First Story AppearanceEdit

Tales and Randomness: Villain Cafe


Knows how to use Killer Moth's energy whip.


None, though if the ability to be spoiled, annoying, selfish, and clueless was a power, Kitten would be one of the strongest on the planet.

Current StatusEdit



Kitten is the daughter of the would-be villain Killer Moth; what happened to her mother is unknown (though the way Killer Moth kowtows to her suggests either she died or ran off), but her father's raising has left her spoiled rotten and as aggravating those who have been so are when they are given power. In her premiere episode (Date with Destiny), she made her father force Robin to take her to the prom (to get back at her boyfriend Fang, who she ended up getting back together with at the end of the episode, go figure); it ended up with her going to jail (not exactly sure what she was CHARGED with, but who cares, good riddance!). Kitten's other appearances including participating in the race in Revved Up (and getting blown up by Red-X like everyone else) and being part of the Brotherhood of Evil, where with her father and wielding his whip, she tried to bring in her rival Starfire. Since Starfire showed up by attacking the Brotherhood base, she clearly didn't succeed.

Kitten's appearances in the Legendsverse have been minor, as she was a pest in the Villain Cafe and tried to have her father and boyfriend beat up Nightwalker for skating better then her in Adeste Fideles (Nightwalker beat them up instead). Despite being so god-awful annoying, Kitten did survive the Titan vs. Brotherhood battle in We All Fall Down, hence showing it is more likely she is descended from a cockroach then a moth. However, in the fan story Gods' Playground, Kitten got a cold, hard taste of reality after her pressure on her father resulted in him mutated himself into the moth creature Charaxes; after he was beaten, Savior proceeded to verbally tear her to shreds and dared her to come after him in revenge. Whether this very harsh lessons will have any affect on Kitten is unknown, but all I will say is that I control this world, and we don't need any Paris Hiltons.