Jackal is (c) to Legend Maker.

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None; original character.

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Sins of Youth


Everything and anything.


Completely control of matter and energy at a fundamental level; alchemy.

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His past, like many villains in this unvierse, has not been made known. Nonetheless, it is likely a thing of horror. The Jackal's body and face are covered in thousands of tatoos--morbid tatoos of skeletons and demonic symbols. He is an immigrant from the Incredibles Universe, first appearing to kill Dr. Kincaid, the scientist who created--or perhaps discovered--him. The Jackal's ability allows him to change the molecular structure of anything he touches, including himself and other people. As a result, he was able to decimate the scientist's many bodyguards, violently and messily, melting the flesh off one and splitting another down the middle.

Jackal was inadvertently pulled into the Legendverse and quickly gathered intelligence. He hid as the retreating Hive students fled from a defeat at the hands of the Titans, riding on their thrusters back to the HIVE floating sky-base and quickly disposed of Brother BLood by tossing him into the ocean below. What his intentions are and how he plans to use the HIVE remain to be seen. Perhaps the best way some up the Jackal is a question from Gizmo: Now what kind of a snoteating god could have ALL those powers?

What kind, indeed?