Real NameEdit

Collin Roberts

Known AliasesEdit


First Episode/DC AppearanceEdit

None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

Legacy of the Tamaranian


A Tamaranean armor combined with the Dark Catalyst artifact, which allows him to manipulate reality itself. When the Golden Catalyst enhances the Dark Catalyst, Delirium's power becomes almost limitless.


If ruthlessness is a power, he has it in spades. There is nothing he won't do to accomplish his goals--nothing except resist an opportunity for a challenging smack-down.

Current StatusEdit



Though Savior was a block of inert material at the bottom of Jump City harbor for the entire battle, his trip to the universe known as Earth-321 left him with a strong impression of the being known as Delirium. Delirium is the same person as Ragnarök, only from a third universe in which Collin was evil--Ragnarok has apparently done some research and discovered that his father was murdered when he was very young and his mother married a very abusive man (who took advantage of her on the rebound). He verbally abused Collin and sometimes physically abused his mother. Delirium grew to hate reality and always tried escape into his fantasies, and he also became addicted to any form of challenge that could take his mind off his pain. He grew angry and violent, getting into fights and such.

Eventually his mother shot her new husband dead when he attacked her in a drunken rage. Afterwards, she expected her son to improve. He did not. Maybe the damage was too deep, or maybe he simply liked what he had become, but he was still a selfish jerk with a desire to reshape reality. Eventually he obtained an alien armor, but unlike the version from Ragnarök's world, the one on his world possessed an artifact called the Dark Catalyst... a device that granted Delirium what he had always wanted: The power to reshape reality.

Delirium traveled to another world where Tamaran had been destroyed. He overheard a story of a Golden Catalyst, one that would enhance the power of his Dark Catalyst. He set out to obtain this power, and through five worlds he deceived, betrayed, or, in the last world, murdered the Titans, until finally he encountered something he didn’t expect: himself.

Ragnarök was at the battle in the sixth world, and though he fought bravely at first, his courage gradually failed him as Delirium picked off the Titans one by one. In the end, he had a chance to kill Delirium but fled. Delirium followed him and used a new plan, one of subterfuge and secrecy, to finally gain the Golden Catalyst and ascned to self-proclaimed god-hood. But Thanks to the efforts of Beast Boy, Starfire, and Ragnarok, Delirium was defeated and incaercerated in Arkham Asylum.

Recently, Lex Luthor of Earth-321 has been seen viewing file photos of Ragnarok and Delirium on his personal office computer. What his undoubtedly dastardly plans are for the quantum aliens is currently unknown.

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