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Elijah Versaw

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None; original character.

First Story AppearanceEdit

The Cutting Edge


A variety of bladed weaponry designed to withstand high friction.


Super speed due to his ability to tap into the Speed Force; he's become an expert at using it to his advantage in battle.

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Elijah Versaw, through unknown channels, trained his body to tap into the Speed force, the force that allowed heroes such as the Flash to travel at the speeds they do. He trained for 6 years before becoming vigilante named Cauterize. Elijah made a name for himself in Light City, by killing the “unwantables” that made the lives of the average citizens nigh unbearable.

These killings caught the attention of the Titans and not wanting to leave Jump City unprotected sent a small Task force to Light City made up of Savior, Beast Boy, Terra and Scalpel. The Titans began investigating Cauterize, but when facing the speedster, they were quickly defeated. After a series of failing battle, they called in the cavalry: Kid Flash.

Kid Flash and Cauterize fought across the globe, Kid Flash had a better advantage over Elijah and soon began to see the vigilante tire. In the end, the fight was brought back to Light City.

In the heat of battle, the fight travelled to a pier where Elijah inadvertantly caused an oil tanker to explode in the bay. The damage and pollution would ruin Light City and undo all the "work" Cauterize had set out to do. Elijah set out to make it right; he tapped into the speed force and entered the flaming oil field, creating a tornado. The tornado sucked away all the oil and flames, but was cooking Elijah alive as he spun faster and faster. However, by the time he had burned out all of the oil, he had surpassed his previous speed limits and somehow managed to join with the Speed Force itself (which is technically an alternate dimension) and disappeared.

Though like all good characters, he didn't stay down. Elijah returned in the elseworld Crisis Point; he had somehow escaped from the Speed Force and was now going under the name of Scarz to prevent a connection from forming between his new identity and Cauterize.

Elijah proved to be instrumental in the removal of Superboy-Prime, along with the other members of the Flash lineage. However, many of whom passed into the speed force when it disappeared during that attempt, but Elijah remained behind, stripped of his powers without the Speef Force. His current whereabouts are unknown.