Real Name: Garfield "Gar" Logan

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First DC AppearanceEdit

Doom Patrol (1st Series) #99

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Black and White




Can take on the form and abilities of any animal he chooses, including extinct and mystical animals. The form of the animal must be accurate though (for example, Beast Boy cannot become a mouse sized bear or a giant fly), and Beast Boy does not inherit any special abilities of the mystical animals (he cannot breathe fire if he becomes a dragon, for example). While Beast Boy can push his form to break these conditions, such actions result in murderous strain that pretty much renders Beast Boy useless. Also, swapping forms that have a great variety in size (an ant to a dinosaur) can also cause him to suffer, though intense training has pretty much rendered that occurrence rare.

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Of all the Titans, Gar Logan has perhaps the least skeletons in his closet. His parents were scientists attempting to isolate the genetic bond between animals and humans, and they brought their young son along with them to Africa, where he was attacked and bitten by an extremely rare species of green-furred monkey and infected with the Sakutia virus, a virus that was irrevocably fatal. However, Gar’s parents were able to synthesize a cure, which had the side effect of turning Gar green and granting him his shapeshifting powers. Soon afterward, Gar’s parents died in a boating accident, and after his inheritance was squandered by a seemingly close family friend, Gar first headed to Hollywood, where he had his fifteen minutes as a ‘child star’ before flaming out and losing most of his money again, and then to Jump City where he attempted to be a solo hero with mild success…until he met Cyborg. The rest is history.

Gar, as mentioned, has suffered little of the trouble that has plagued other Titans: normally he is the one attempting to support people through their troubles. He has had a few failed relationships (his mild attraction to Raven fell through after she began seeing Noel, and a relationship with the outspoken vigilante Charm also crashed and burned) before destiny finally occurred and he found a partner in the geokinetic Terra. The new couple is still full of the energy that fresh, good relationships have…not that that’s a good thing…