Real NameEdit

Zen of Atlantis

Known AliasesEdit


First DC AppearanceEdit

Technically none. Original Aqualad first appeared in Adventure Comics # 269

First Episode AppearanceEdit

Deep Six

First Story AppearanceEdit

Sins of Youth




Hydrokinesis, marine telepathy, enhanced strength, and the ability to breath underwater.

Current StatusEdit



Aqualad is the result of one of the many complications of creating an ongoing universe while the show itself is still ongoing. Before Garth first appeared as Aqualad in the canon episode “Deep Six”, Legend Maker brought him into the Legendverse in Sins of Youth (which had been started before the episode aired).

Zen was created to fill this void. The son of the DC heroine Cascade and an unknown Atlantean man, Aqualad has basic diluted Aquaman abilities as well as his mother’s hydrokinesis.

Since Sin of Youth's longtime hiatus, Zen’s only appearance as been in Adeste Fideles, in which he and the rest of the Titans East arrive in Jump City to celebrate Christmas with the Teen Titans, and later fight off the evil Santaberg.

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