Picture courtesy of Cartoon Network.

Real Name Unknown

Known Aliases None

First Episode Appearance The Beast Within (Series Episode #35)

First Story Appearance Wings of the Eagles

Weapons Giant mech bodysuit, which allows for greatly enhanced strength, though its design may be too skewed towards strength as it does not seem to offer much protection (As Mas, in the episode Titans Together and despite being very small, was able to injure him by stomping on his foot).

Powers Assumingly none, though the mutation Adonis suffered from in The Beast Within (which caused both him and Beast Boy to turn into large furry ape/bear/werewolf-esque creatures which possessed greatly enhanced strength, agility, durability, and leaping power) may yet still lurk in his DNA, as Beast Boy was shown using the form at least once after said episode, but then again this may simply be due to Beast Boy's animal morphing powers and Adonis may still only have his suit for power.

Current Status Active


Adonis' history is unknown, though one will assume more then a little mockery in his past to motivate the average sized lanky man to build the giant robot suits he wears to attempt to commit crimes. Unfortunately, Adonis' success has been nonexistent: despite his highly enhanced strength he was beaten by Beast Boy in The Beast Within, Cyborg in Overdrive, Pantha in Calling All Titans, and Mas and Herald in Titans Together when Herald sucked all his armor off into a portal and then axe-kicked him into oblivion. Though if that's the worst thing that happened to him in the final battle between the Titans and the Brotherhood (see explanation here), he should consider himself lucky.

Oh yes, and Red-X blew up his ride in Revved Up as well. Truly a shoddy record.

Did Adonis do any better in his story appearance? No, as the Zap Pack quickly finished him off.

Strangely, it has been rumored he may have a starring role in Boogeymen III, so perhaps he hasn't completely failed at everything after all.

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